yoga philosophy

yoga philosophy

Entering The Yoga Door

Entering the Yoga Door

An interest in yoga normally starts with the physical postures (asana), not with pondering, “Hmmmm, I’d like to learn more about my true self.” But then we become curious . . . or not. Those who do begin the journey—they walk through The Yoga Door.

The Yoga Door wasn’t originally intended to be an actual place. And although it does exist as a physical studio in Crested Butte, CO, the term is still most importantly metaphoric, referring to the magical transformation I witnessed in students when they really got into their yoga practice and started paying attention to their lives.

Step into the practice of yoga, step through the yoga door, and the transformation begins . . .

My own path to yoga started almost 20 years ago in a high school gymnasium through an adult education program. Those one-hour classes on the dirty floor under bright, fluorescent lights gave me a chance to slow down enough to face the reality of my terribly unhappy marriage and the unprocessed grief about my Dad’s sudden death I was carrying around for decades.

As my life continued and my practice evolved, my mat became the one place I could land where I could acknowledge all the places in my life where I was in denial, or struggling trying to be perfect, or just plain scared.

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Yoga is the best tool I know for slowing down and tuning in to what I really want and need. My practice provides the time and space I need to give myself my own undivided attention. I am able to give my mind a break from constant chatter, my overwhelming to-do list and the endless amount of pressure I put on myself.

Ahhhhh! I could finally hear my own voice!

One of my many wonderful teachers once said this:

“Yoga is not about finding the answers, but asking better questions.”

This resonated deeply with my belief that yoga and life coaching are courageous journeys, not for the faint of heart. Only walk through The Yoga Door if you are willing to walk the path of truth, change and spirited trail blazing.

Over the years I have cultivated my own unique style of teaching. Students are slowly and thoughtfully guided through the process of releasing physical tension and emotional holding that’s been held hostage in their bodies, sometimes for decades. I emphasize self-nurturing, ease and grace along with flexibility, balance and strength.

I maintain this philosophy while I’m teaching and coaching.


Daniela received more than she expected.

“Your class has been a treat to me. I never liked doing yoga that much, so I’m surprised how much I get from your class; it is great for my body, but even better for my soul.”

Kate got hooked on yoga and it’s transformational power.

“The first time I met you I was pretty nervous because it was my first time taking a yoga class.  I had in my mind a certain image of what yoga is and who takes yoga and I wasn’t sure that I would ‘fit in’.  You immediately put me at ease. You incorporate your sense of humor into your yoga teaching which makes it fun. You are not afraid to push and even though it might have been tiring or strenuous, you made me want to push myself.  You always had the perfect blend for class incorporating more restorative or vigorous poses exactly when I needed it!”

You are an inspiration!  You got me hooked on yoga and it has become such a vital part of my life.  I LOVE IT!”

Jennifer got clarity.

“I cannot express enough gratitude for your class last Saturday.  At the end of the workshop, it was crystal clear that there were 3 items that I needed to let go and thankfully, I was able to act on all three items by Tuesday.

I am feeling refreshed and invigorated.  I am grateful for your workshop and grateful for the work you are doing.  You are a gift.”

Connie opened up.

“I arrived to your class today feeling a bit glum, despite being super excited to be there. I had been feeling stagnant, immobile, and empty in the last few weeks. I settled into the practice, listening and paying attention. I was present. And I let your words wash over me.

You have a way of bringing life onto the mat. You are intuitive like no other teacher I have known. In a very subtle way, you impart caring words of wisdom, and these words always resonate with me, wherever I am on my journey.

Today, we did a lot of chest and shoulder opening, as well as twisting, which you lovingly told us would allow for creativity and potential to unfurl. And just like that, I felt full. Full of excitement and courage for where I am and what lies ahead, which miraculously replaced the gloom and dread I had been feeling.

You have allowed for countless such insights in my practice – you are a truly gifted and talented teacher.”

Heather got clear, calm and connected.

“I was a bit wound up when I walked into class, and oh so relaxed when I left. I have even made use of the breathing techniques this week. Thank you for your dedication and love of ‘calm’.  The last two years since taking your class, I have been more at ease and feel in control of my emotions than ever before.  The sense of calm, clear, and connection I have gained from you has most definitely inspired me in numerous aspects of my life.”

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