This weekend was a luxurious blend of juicy yoga with one of my favorite visiting teachers, Gary Reitze, and over-the-top, nothing short of spectacular leaf gawking.

What I love most about Gary and his lovely wife, Donita’s teaching is their sheer bring it back to basics teaching style. There’s no fluff. Just honest-to-goodness-get-into-your-body-where-the-truth-is alignment that wakes up my entire being.

When the energy is flowing so freely, I feel spirited, unstoppable and most of all grateful for this miraculous practice that I’ve built my life around.

Later that afternoon, I had a conversation with my beloved Aunt Diane and she asked, “Don’t you know everything you need to know about yoga after all these years of study?”

“NO! The more I learn, the more I realize how much more there is to know.”

The innocence of realizing that I really don’t know anything is wildly refreshing and invigorating. Who knew that subtly shifting my ribs away from the front knee in Warrior 2 would send a proper-alignment-induced-rush through my body that made me feel invincible?

I will never stop being guided and inspired by yoga and this particular weekend was the muse for my upcoming workshop, Beginner Takes All.

I want to continue approaching my yoga practice AND my life with a beginner’s mindset of exploration and curiosity, rather than pressure and perfectionism.

Like this gal who we ran into on our Sunday drive over Ohio Pass:D

Seems to me she’s as curious as they come.