Strong, Sweet & Slow

Thursdays 9:30 – 10:45 am MST, Virtual Via Zoom

A mindful, invigorating and calming practice that is different each time. We’ll focus on clean alignment, strength, balance and stability and enjoy long, juicy stretches. This class is easily accessible for newer students and challenging enough for the more advanced as we slow down the pace of life and enjoy conscious breathing as the body flows. You’ll leave class inspired to have your best day (and life) ever.

It’s great to have some props at home to make the most out of your class.  I recommend a mat, a couple blocks/thick books, a strap/belt/sash and a blanket or two.

“I was a bit wound up when I walked into class, and oh so relaxed when I left. I have even made use of the breathing techniques this week. Thank you for your dedication and love of ‘calm’.  The last two years since taking your class, I have been more at ease and feel in control of my emotions than ever before.  The sense of calm, clear, and connection I have gained from you has most definitely inspired me in numerous aspects of my life.”

“Your class has been a treat to me. I never liked doing yoga that much, so I’m surprised how much I get from your class; it is great for my body, but even better for my soul.”

“I cannot express enough gratitude for your class last Saturday.  At the end of the workshop, it was crystal clear that there were 3 items that I needed to let go and thankfully, I was able to act on all three items by Tuesday.

I am feeling refreshed and invigorated.  I am grateful for your workshop and grateful for the work you are doing.  You are a gift.”

Dina’s virtual yoga classes are amazing! Since the classes went virtual, I have been able to take more classes due to the ease and the amount of time I save.

“I love the classes because they increase my mobility and flexibility which helps make my body feel so much better therefore I find myself doing little bits of her movements throughout the day.

Zoom Slow Flow with Dina is the perfect Covid19 solution for me.  I can practice safely in my own CT home, connect with some other far away yoga friends, and be coached by one of the best!

Dina still knows how I move (or don’t move) yet is always motivating, positive, and creative on how she approaches each practice.  Each day is different.  She helps me modify when it’s needed and can challenge those who are more flexible.  I especially like the exploration of movement and having us stretch even our hands and feet in new ways.

The drawbacks of “zooming” are obvious.  There is no hands- on support, it’s difficult to speak out if I need guidance, and, of course, I miss Dina’s famous neck massage during savasana.  However, the benefits to my body and emotional well-being far outweigh the virtual impediments of Dina’s zoom yoga practice.

I was fortunate to be introduced to yoga practice about 15 years ago with Dina and good friends in our Connecticut neighborhood.  I marveled then how Dina knew just what we needed when we needed it and this couldn’t be more true now.  For me, to be able to practice with Dina again in her virtual classes from Colorado has been a beautiful silver lining during this time and they are highlights of my week.  Like Dina, her classes are accessible and welcoming.  Dina also provides optional levels of challenge for you to choose from depending on your individual circumstance that day.  I would highly recommend Dina’s classes to anyone.

From the first lesson Dina’s teachings proved my perception of Yoga was totally wrong. She calmly and carefully explains every single move she makes, always advising her students to do what they can, “inviting” our bodies to make a certain move, tells us not to push a move that might be uncomfortable but do what we can. Her instructions are easy to follow, and at the end of every lesson I feel not only calm and relaxed but totally energized. I don’t want to fail to mention her wonderful sense of humor which makes each lesson fun as well.

Virtual Class

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Classes are $13 each payable via Venmo or you can save by purchasing a punch card.  $100 for 10 classes.

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Dina assisting a yogi