Stiff Men’s Club

Wednesdays 4:30 – 5:45 pm MST, downtown Crested Butte. Please contact me directly for more details.

Just for the guys! All the intimidation of being in a traditional yoga class melts away as this class is designed with you stiff guys in mind. Come prepared to laugh while you feel better in your body, one stiff layer at a time.

What Makes The Stiff Men’s Club unique?

  • Dina is always accessible to address your questions or concerns before, during and after class.
  • The class is catered to men’s body types and won’t require you put your foot behind your head or attempt pretzel like positions.
  • We will work on yoga poses that make your other activities even more enjoyable and will contribute to you being injury free.
  • You don’t have to “oohhmm” unless you really want to.
  • Dina happily honors your (yoga related) requests!
  • Gentle and slow stretching, combined with some strengthening and stabilizing, combined with some deep breathing will calm your mind and slow down the aging process. Guaranteed.
  • The guys all laugh at / with each other. It’s part of the process.
  • We call yoga props “tools” to make you feel more comfortable.

“Dina’s class is unique in its attention to detail—not just doing the poses—but doing them right. It’s been incredibly helpful in building a strong foundation for yoga, though I still have much to learn. In general, I find myself carrying over what I learn in Dina’s classes to many aspects of my life: better balance and body positioning while mountain biking and doing other physical activities, enhanced clarity and focus at work, and overall an increased awareness of body parts that are out of whack and need special attention. Beyond the physical benefits, Dina’s classes help me be more mindful, focused and patient when dealing with the unexpected twists and turns of everyday life.”

“I’ve been attending Dina’s yoga classes once or twice a week for the past 9 months.  Her classes are a highlight of my week and after every class I feel more energized and peaceful.  Believe it or not, my golf game has improved and my irons are going at least 15 yards further than before I started yoga!  Increased flexibility makes me feel younger and stronger and I credit Dina for keeping me motivated.  Dina is a gifted teacher who takes care to understand each of our limitations and abilities.  I am grateful for having yoga in my life and for a new awareness of my abilities.”Your Content Goes Here

I discovered Dina’s Stiff Men’s Yoga class through her teaching at another studio. It is precisely what I need. I’m an active 74 year old, lifetime runner, who started practicing yoga eight years ago when I retired. My objective is simply to continue to do the things I love to do for as long as I can do them, without injury. I find that many yoga classes are either so gentle that I feel I’ve accomplished little or so challenging that I’m frustrated over not being able to access poses that I probably couldn’t have done when I was 12. Dina’s class with its emphasis on flexibility, core strength, and balance is right in my sweet spot. And she teaches with a smile and sense of humor, which is welcome during this complicated time.