Kind Words from Clients


All of these women have stopped abandoning their souls and didn’t care about breaking the rules.

Photo credit: Kathy Diemer ~  A Garden for All

Photo credit: Kathy Diemer ~ A Garden for All

Bonnie was losing herself in her role as new Mom. She now realizes that the best thing a mother can do for her young children is take excellent care of herself, so she can show up for her child healthy and happy. 

"When I first connected with you, I felt completely frustrated with failures in my daily life. I felt like I was repeatedly running into brick walls. Nothing seemed to be working and I was miserable. A feeling of hopelessness was beginning to build inside me because I no longer felt like I knew what I wanted in my life.  Your coaching was so immaculately tailored to me that I began to recognize my gifts and desires again. In fact, I was so honored by you, by your respect, confidence, attention, genuineness and candor (wow! You gave me ALL of THAT! Thank you!!), it would have been difficult for me to NOT recognize my value. Now I know how to connect with myself and with what I truly desire, and automatically let go of everything else. One of the best things I ever did for myself was to call you up. The universe placed me in excellent hands.”

Julia left her dead end job to pursue her passions of gardening, making homemade skincare products and enjoying being kind to herself.  Hum Body Products

“I was thinking about you the other day because I was taking a walk and feeling totally blissed out on life. At that moment, I realized what a shift that is from 1 year or even 6 months ago. So many things are happening that I couldn't have imagined. I started my own business and we are buying a lot near our house for me to plant a huge garden. Funny, I would have thought I couldn't do either of those without a full-time job, but now that I have so much time and mental space I feel excited about taking some risks. When I was working, I easily became overwhelmed by the thought of anything like that. Thank you so much for helping me take the leap!”

Kate relieved a heavy load.

"You are a remarkable listener and even more, you are able to hone in on the main issues of the situation and highlight the truth. You are an advocate for the human spirit -- that part of us that knows we are eternally free, un-tethered and abundant.  When you helped me reframe my circumstances for me, I felt unburdened, as if a huge anvil had been lifted off of my shoulders. You helped me to understand that my feelings weren't "bad" and in fact, they were serving a purpose to move me and the others involved to a better place."

Amy came a very long way in “reclaiming Amy”.  

“I learned I have come a very long way in my “reclaiming Amy” since I began working with you. The parts of me that have become empowered and strengthened are parts of me that I love. During our work together, I learned that I really do love myself.  This weekend retreat at Joyful Journeys confirmed for me that I do have a love overflow and this motivates me to and take care of them in the ways I can. I learned that I need more yoga. It has created shifts in me that I want to continue. “

Laurel gained self-compassion. 

“After our coaching sessions, I felt infinitely more compassionate toward myself and toward the situation, and therefore more capable of dealing with it.”

Susan found her intuition

“My work with you has been truly transformational. You helped me access a level of intuition I didn’t even know existed. By consistently listening to my intuition, I am now making choices in all areas of my life that bring greater ease and more possibility to my life. You are great at helping me see challenges and brainstorm creative ways to overcome them.  I’m so grateful for our time together.”

Ambreen got moving. I Change Her Life

You helped me to confront and dissolve my fears. As a result, I felt a paradigm shift that gave me wings to fly.  Coaching with you equipped me with tools to overcome even the most challenging situations. I learned to debunk my self-limiting beliefs and became twice as productive as before.”

Yoga Classes & Workshops

Daniela received more than she expected.

"Your class has been a treat to me. I never liked doing yoga that much, so I'm surprised how much I get from your class; it is great for my body, but even better for my soul."


Kate got hooked on yoga and it’s transformational power.

“The first time I met you I was pretty nervous because it was my first time taking a yoga class.  I had in my mind a certain image of what yoga is and who takes yoga and I wasn’t sure that I would 'fit in'.  You immediately put me at ease. You incorporate your sense of humor into your yoga teaching which makes it fun. You are not afraid to push and even though it might have been tiring or strenuous, you made me want to push myself.  You always had the perfect blend for class incorporating more restorative or vigorous poses exactly when I needed it!"

You are an inspiration!  You got me hooked on yoga and it has become such a vital part of my life.  I LOVE IT!”

Jennifer got clarity.

“I cannot express enough gratitude for your class last Saturday.  At the end of the workshop, it was crystal clear that there were 3 items that I needed to let go and thankfully, I was able to act on all three items by Tuesday.

I am feeling refreshed and invigorated.  I am grateful for your workshop and grateful for the work you are doing.  You are a gift.”

Connie opened up.

“I arrived to your class today feeling a bit glum, despite being super excited to be there. I had been feeling stagnant, immobile, and empty in the last few weeks. I settled into the practice, listening and paying attention. I was present. And I let your words wash over me.

You have a way of bringing life onto the mat. You are intuitive like no other teacher I have known. In a very subtle way, you impart caring words of wisdom, and these words always resonate with me, wherever I am on my journey.

Today, we did a lot of chest and shoulder opening, as well as twisting, which you lovingly told us would allow for creativity and potential to unfurl. And just like that, I felt full. Full of excitement and courage for where I am and what lies ahead, which miraculously replaced the gloom and dread I had been feeling. 

You have allowed for countless such insights in my practice – you are a truly gifted and talented teacher.”

Heather got clear, calm and connected.

“I was a bit wound up when I walked into class, and oh so relaxed when I left. I have even made use of the breathing techniques this week. Thank you for your dedication and love of 'calm'.  The last two years since taking your class, I have been more at ease and feel in control of my emotions than ever before.  The sense of calm, clear, and connection I have gained from you has most definitely inspired me in numerous aspects of my life.”


Yoga & Hot Springs Retreats

Sherry took a risk.

“I shed layers, opened myself to others, took the risk. It was worth it. Total fulfillment.”

Kris reconnected with the deepest part of herself and others.

“I loved the process of reconnecting to my inner self while making new connections with so many loving, wonderful women. I regained lost “inner memories” contained in my body and my breath. I reconnected to my powerful life force.”

Sumaya transformed in the magic.

“Your retreat was truly a transformational experience. The combination of yoga, wisdom, introspection and connection with wonderful women and healing hot springs was just magical.”

Pam refueled. 

“This was an incredible weekend of beauty, rest, relationships, yoga and an opportunity to refresh and fill my soul!”

Aurelia got vulnerable and self-compassionate.

“This retreat has really helped me to deepen my relationship with myself, embrace my vulnerabilities and understandthat there is much more feeling and understanding to come. The timing was perfect as I have major life transitions approaching!"

Karen got present.

“This was the easiest group to feel a part of that I have ever been in. Dina, you are an excellent leader – approachable, experienced and kind. All I can say is I guess that I was able to be fully present and that was a wonderful feeling.”

O’Hare found perfection.

“I had a wonderful experience. The weekend incorporated all the perfect ingredients; spirituality, support, fun and complete nourishment for the body and mind.”

Brooke woke up. 

“A weekend with you at Joyful Journeys with Dina is as nourishing and nurturing as you can get - uplifting, eye opening and deliciously joyful. I highly recommend it.”

Cindy changed her mindset.

“I wanted to let you know how much I loved last weekend.  My whole mindset has changed and I can't wait to become more absorbed into the yoga practice. I will begin this Saturday by taking a yoga class offered at the gym where I work out a couple of times a week. I plan on this becoming my new "normal."  I am soon retiring from one of my jobs and I look forward to having more time to devote to myself and to care for my body, which has been screaming for months.”

Hannah slowed down, filled her tank and learned to receive support with grace.

“Thank you so much for this weekend. My time with you and all of the ladies at Joyful Journeys gave me so much strength and inspiration. The whole weekend was such an amazing balance of fun, meeting new inspiring women, spirituality, feeding my physical self and all things good to fill up my tank. I feel so much more full than I did last Friday. I know I have a long way to go but I'm taking it one step at a time.”


STIFF Men’s Yoga

Mike, Scott, Robert and dozens of other men have been introduced to yoga and now feel more in tune with their bodies, self-aware and at peace. 


"Dina’s class is unique in its attention to detail—not just doing the poses—but doing them right. It’s been incredibly helpful in building a strong foundation for yoga, though I still have much to learn. In general, I find myself carrying over what I learn in Dina’s classes to many aspects of my life: better balance and body positioning while mountain biking and doing other physical activities, enhanced clarity and focus at work, and overall an increased awareness of body parts that are out of whack and need special attention. Beyond the physical benefits, Dina’s classes help me be more mindful, focused and patient when dealing with the unexpected twists and turns of everyday life." - Mike

“I’ve been attending Dina’s yoga classes once or twice a week for the past 9 months.  Her classes are a highlight of my week and after every class I feel more energized and peaceful.  Believe it or not, my golf game has improved and my irons are going at least 15 yards further than before I started yoga!  Increased flexibility makes me feel younger and stronger and I credit Dina for keeping me motivated.  Dina is a gifted teacher who takes care to understand each of our limitations and abilities.  I am grateful for having yoga in my life and for a new awareness of my abilities.” - Scott

“Having started as a bit of a skeptic (a drastic understatement) I have, thanks to Dina’s personalized instruction, developed first hand feedback, which has been essential in motivating my daily practice. A bonus (yes, somewhat unexpected) has been the calming effect my 25 minute routine has, especially in the late afternoon. I consider my twice a day practice critical in my ability to continue my daily vigorous activity – whether cycling, hiking, skiing or walking for hours non-stop in London.” - Robert