Step into the practice of yoga, step through The Yoga Door and the transformation begins.


An interest in yoga normally starts with the physical postures, not with pondering, “hum, I’d like to learn more about my true self.” But then we become curious . . . or not. Those who do begin the journey—they walk through The Yoga Door.

Although The Yoga Door exists as physical studio in Crested Butte, CO, the term is most importantly metaphoric, referring to the magical transformation I witnessed in students when they really got into their yoga practice and started paying attention to their lives.



My approach to life coaching is direct and simple. We enter into a relationship where I will fully support you while you explore and make shifts (big and small) in your thinking and life choices. 

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A yoga practice is the most effective tool I know for helping my clients transform their lives from numb, stuck or unfulfilled to excited, flowing and fun! Are you ready to begin?

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Dig deeper into your practice by joining an upcoming class series, retreat, or workshop.

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