coaching philosophy

coaching philosophy

Entering The Door

Entering the Yoga Door

My Approach To Coaching

My passion is helping women get what they want out of their lives; encouraging them to take exceptional care of themselves and helping them see and honor their magnificence. 

I understand that there are countless obstacles that stand in between the life you have created for yourself and the life you want. And I know how easy it is to hide behind denial of your own deep urges, other people’s needs and expectations of you and straight up fear of change and your own power.

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My approach to life coaching is direct and simple. We enter into a relationship where I fully support you while you explore and make shifts (big and small) in first, your thinking and then, your life choices. 

Tell me what you want and I’ll help you get there.

As your private coach I will customize a package specific to your needs. I will always:

ASK you what you want and help you achieve your wildest dreams.

LISTEN to how you answer and read between the lines.

TEACH you how to get out of your head and in touch with your body, where I believe  the most valuable information is stored.

INSPIRE you to make choices and changes that will lead you to happiness and freedom.

GUIDE you on a path to clarity and transformation.

GIVE you tools, resources and processes that will ensure you make the changes you want.

CARE about your outcome as much as you do.

Coaching Packages

Julia left her dead end job to pursue her passions of gardening, making homemade skincare products and enjoying being kind to herself.  Hum Body Products

“I was thinking about you the other day because I was taking a walk and feeling totally blissed out on life. At that moment, I realized what a shift that is from 1 year or even 6 months ago. So many things are happening that I couldn’t have imagined. I started my own business and we are buying a lot near our house for me to plant a huge garden. Funny, I would have thought I couldn’t do either of those without a full-time job, but now that I have so much time and mental space I feel excited about taking some risks. When I was working, I easily became overwhelmed by the thought of anything like that. Thank you so much for helping me take the leap!”

Laurel gained self-compassion. 

“After our coaching sessions, I felt infinitely more compassionate toward myself and toward the situation, and therefore more capable of dealing with it.”

More Stories

Kate relieved a heavy load.

“You are a remarkable listener and even more, you are able to hone in on the main issues of the situation and highlight the truth. You are an advocate for the human spirit — that part of us that knows we are eternally free, un-tethered and abundant.  When you helped me reframe my circumstances for me, I felt unburdened, as if a huge anvil had been lifted off of my shoulders. You helped me to understand that my feelings weren’t “bad” and in fact, they were serving a purpose to move me and the others involved to a better place.”

Amy came a very long way in “reclaiming Amy”.  

“I learned I have come a very long way in my “reclaiming Amy” since I began working with you. The parts of me that have become empowered and strengthened are parts of me that I love. During our work together, I learned that I really do love myself.  This weekend retreat at Joyful Journeys confirmed for me that I do have a love overflow and this motivates me to and take care of them in the ways I can. I learned that I need more yoga. It has created shifts in me that I want to continue. “

Susan found her intuition. 

“My work with you has been truly transformational. You helped me access a level of intuition I didn’t even know existed. By consistently listening to my intuition, I am now making choices in all areas of my life that bring greater ease and more possibility to my life. You are great at helping me see challenges and brainstorm creative ways to overcome them.  I’m so grateful for our time together.”

Ambreen got moving. 

You helped me to confront and dissolve my fears. As a result, I felt a paradigm shift that gave me wings to fly.  Coaching with you equipped me with tools to overcome even the most challenging situations. I learned to debunk my self-limiting beliefs and became twice as productive as before.”

Bonnie was losing herself in her role as new Mom. She now realizes that the best thing a mother can do for her young children is take excellent care of herself, so she can show up for her child healthy and happy. 

“When I first connected with you, I felt completely frustrated with failures in my daily life. I felt like I was repeatedly running into brick walls. Nothing seemed to be working and I was miserable. A feeling of hopelessness was beginning to build inside me because I no longer felt like I knew what I wanted in my life.  Your coaching was so immaculately tailored to me that I began to recognize my gifts and desires again. In fact, I was so honored by you, by your respect, confidence, attention, genuineness and candor (wow! You gave me ALL of THAT! Thank you!!), it would have been difficult for me to NOT recognize my value. Now I know how to connect with myself and with what I truly desire, and automatically let go of everything else. One of the best things I ever did for myself was to call you up. The universe placed me in excellent hands.”

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