coaching philosophy

My passion is helping women get what they want out of their lives; encouraging them to take exceptional care of themselves and helping them see and honor their magnificence. 

I understand that there are countless obstacles that stand in between the life you have created for yourself and the life you want. And I know how easy it is to hide behind denial of your own deep urges, other people’s needs and expectations of you and straight up fear of change and your own power.

Butterfly photo credit Kathy Diemer ~ A Garden for All

My approach to life coaching is direct and simple. We enter into a relationship where I fully support you while you explore and make shifts (big and small) in first, your thinking and then, your life choices. 

Tell me what you want and I’ll help you get there.

As your private coach I will customize a package specific to your needs. I will always:

ASK you what you want and help you achieve your wildest dreams.

LISTEN to how you answer and read between the lines.

TEACH you how to get out of your head and in touch with your body, where I believe   the most valuable information is stored.

INSPIRE you to make choices and changes that will lead you to happiness and freedom.

GUIDE you on a path to clarity and transformation.

GIVE you tools, resources and processes that will ensure you make the changes you want.

CARE about your outcome as much as you do.